Death By Bullet Point. (Quick Hits)

Sometimes all you want is change the drain on your tub but you don't want to become a plumber.

Your life is busy. You have other priorities, but want to make some key adjustments to your professional skills.

Elevating your presentations impact is a great idea!

Death By Bullet Point . . . No More! (Quick Hits) can be completed in about an hour!

This micro course introduces the Insight Lite™ line of learning products.
Insight Lite


  • What is Micro Learning?

    Microlearning (not to be confused with training delivered by cell phones) is educational content delivered in the smallest consumable "chunks."

    Think of it like Cliffsnotes given just before the big test. You don't have time to wade through Gone with the Wind, but you do want the story high points.

  • What is Insight Lite? (Part 1)

    A full answer requires more than a few lines in an FAQ but the gist is . . .

    There is a lot of ground breaking science behind learning—what the brain is doing when it seeks to create what we call Expert-Habits-of-Mind. This is the highest level of conceptual integration merged with the optimal performance outcomes.

    This level of learning takes the most focus and energy to achieve. It’s core benefit is that the knowledge remains for long periods and sustained performance. The “insights” have created an indelible imprint on the expert’s mind letting them apply the principles across many knowledge areas.

    Expert-Habits-of-Mind is on one end of the learning spectrum.

    However, most of what we want to know doesn't require this level of brain energy.

    The majority of knowledge acquisition falls on the other end of the learning spectrum. This is where How To's and Seven Steps to a better ear wax lives.

    These short tutorials serve the purpose of giving us the simplest process on how to do the "thing." This isn't a bad goal. It has nothing to do with learning effectiveness. It is what we want to know, when we want to know it.

    Youtube is built on this very human, very natural management of cognitive energy.

  • What is Insight Lite? (Part 2)

    How-To's, Tips Sheets, and Step by step, process driven learning lets you “borrow” someone else's “Insights,” put them into action and gain the benefit. The trade off is, this "borrowed" insight fades quickly, and by quickly the science demonstrates the cognitive decay starts in a matter of minutes.

    And it also limits the ability to apply the principles across knowledge areas. Since the learner is merely duplicating a sequence, often the underlying principles are unknown, or misunderstood.

    Brainformative Insight Design™ methodology is designed to create a learning event that generates Expert-Habits-of-Mind, to create the highest levels of insight so the learner can apply that knowledge across the broadest knowledge areas.

    But we also know that often people don’t need that kind of learning experience, but want to borrow “insights” so we have created microlearning content, called Insight Lite™ . . . and priced it accordingly.

  • Why not just buy the Insight Light™ version for less?

    The answer to this question is directly tied to your purpose.

    What do you want to get out of the learning experience and what kind of time do you want to put into gaining that knowledge? You will have to decide where you fall on the learning spectrum.

    However, it is crucial to understand Death By Bullet Point (Quick Hits) microlearning course is distilled into a series of action items that will make quick adjustments to your presentation. But there is very little explanation, or instructions behind the strategies and tactics. If you don’t mind doing things “just because” you will get value from this micro course.

  • What is the difference between Death by Bullet Point (Quick Hits) and the $297 Death by Bullet Point (Foundations) course?

    Great Question: The short answer is . . . the Quick Hits are a subset of the Foundations course.


    The Quick Hits are not the full course.

    Look at the info graphic bellow!

    And when you purchase this course and then decide to move to the full Death by Bullet Point (Foundations) course we credit the purchase with the investment from this course and an extra 10%.

Death By Bullet Point. (Quick Hits)

  • 1

    Let's get started!

    • And Action!

    • Quick Hits 1, 2, & 3.

    • Quick Hit: 3 Bullet Points Max!

    • Quick Hit "Homework": Teleprompter vs Multimedia.

    • Quick Hit: Your Audience and the Call to Action

    • Quick Hit: Fix those Charts and Graphs

    • Quick Hit: Those Dastardly Lunch and Learns

    • Quick Hit: Do I really want questions?

    • Quick Hit: Put Away that Swiss Army Knife Presentation

    • Quick Hit: Novice to Expert

    • Don't Wing it! (Quick Hit Bonus 1)

    • Novice To Expert (Quick Hit Bonus 2)

    • Novice to Expert Tip Sheet (Quick Hit Bonus 2a)

    • Quick Hits Slide Reference